Tips and Muse is a full service creative agency that offers exceptional and creative solutions to help your business stand out in the digital space.

We believe that marketing does not have to be complicated but it shouldn't be boring either.

We customise a business strategy exclusive to your business needs. A strategy thatresonates with your target audience and converts them into your loyal customers.

One size does not fit all. We customize a strategy that’s right for your business. You want to know more;

About Me

Hey I’m Sadia, the founder of Tips and Muse creative agency and your Digital marketing strategist. I’m a mom of two beautiful girls and a wife to a supportive guy. I’m based in Toronto and this creative agency is a dream that came to life after a long career of freelancing and 9-5 in the corporate world.

As a kid I was fascinated with the colors, composition and design of things. The same passion led me to have a formal education in Communication Design and Photography. Got my first gig as a student and then worked in the creative field ever since.

I understand the challenges of starting on your own especially as an immigrant but the many amazing people I met while being in Canada for 15 years has taught me to believe it’s possible. The inclusivity and the recognition of skills and talent regardless of who you are is something I truly appreciate. My online and offline network of talented people is proof you can dream to achieve your goals regardless of your race and belief and that’s something I truly appreciate about Canada.

I had many lows in my life but my kids have been the biggest source of inspiration for me and the reason I want to be the best version of myself everyday. After being a mom I took breaks from work to spend time with my kids and involved myself in some charity work that gave me so much happiness and motivation to do better for others.

I’m forever thankful for the amazing support of my family and friends who have been applauding the smallest of my achievements.

Why did I choose this name?

I get asked all the time well a brief answer to that is: I always have been the go to person for all my friends and family when it comes to sharing tips about starting a business or how to create an aesthetic instagram theme, how to create a brand for their company or even makeup and outfits 🙂 my sisters would vouch for that.

Muse because I’m forever inspired by people in my life, especially the women I'm surrounded with online and offline. I admire their intelligence, resilience, grace and charisma they bring everywhere. Whether it's creating a brand or running a family they are nothing short of a muse.

So there it was Tips and Muse. It came to me at 3:00 am three years ago. Well that’s a story for another day 🙂